Vascular Ultrasound and Surgery in Phoenix

Phoenix’s Trusted Vascular Ultrasound Professionals

Vascular ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that uses sound waves to render a detailed image of a patient’s circulatory system. Vascular ultrasound is a fast and painless procedure and can be used to accurately diagnose blockages and clots in all areas of the body. At Arizona Vein & Laser Institute, we proudly perform vascular ultrasound diagnostic procedures for patients of all ages in Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, and the surrounding regions. Learn more about vascular ultrasound below, and contact our office at to schedule an appointment with our medical professionals today!

Vascular Ultrasound: A Comprehensive Diagnostic Tool

Vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows a medical professional to view the blood vessels within the body and get a detailed view of blood circulation. Unlike radiation treatments, vascular ultrasound uses sound waves to render the body’s circulatory system and help identify blockages and detect blood clots. Vascular ultrasounds can be used for a number of medical applications, including:

  • Assisting in the insertion of catheters and catheters to treat blockages
  • Diagnosing the cause of general symptoms, such as swelling
  • Identifying specific blood valves causing varicose veins
  • Locating blood clots with a high level of accuracy
  • Revealing soft tissues that may not be visible by X-ray or other non-invasive procedures


The Benefits of Vascular Ultrasound

In addition to its ability to identify a wide range of conditions, vascular ultrasound has several other benefits that make it an appealing procedure for patients of all ages. Several of these benefits are listed below.

  • Vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure, which means no incisions, scarring, or recovery time.
  • Vascular ultrasound is totally painless.
  • Vascular ultrasound tests are performed on-site in our office for added patient convenience
  • Most vascular ultrasound sessions are time efficient, with the typical diagnostic appointment lasting an hour or less.


Vascular Surgery at Arizona Vein & Laser Institute

At Arizona Vein & Laser Institute, we perform vascular ultrasound diagnostics to determine the venous problem areas in the lower extremities, such as Carotid Arterial Disease, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD).  We now perform vascular surgery for patients with these serious venous diseases and diagnosis. We welcome patients of all ages in Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, Surprise, Avondale and surrounding areas. When you meet with us, our medical professionals will determine whether your vascular ultrasound will be diagnosed for a venous treatment or surgery in our new out-patient surgery centers.

Our Out-patient Surgery centers are state of the art facilities with a  team of board-certified doctors and surgeons that is on the cutting edge of vein treatments and out-patient surgeries.  Rest assured, there will be no more long hospital check-in wait times and procedures.  Dr. Sharma and his team will take care of you in our local clinics so that you and your loved one can be in and out as quickly and professionally as possible.

To learn more about our state of the art vascular out-patient surgery or to schedule an appointment with our medical team, contact any one our 6 locations today!

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