How to Improve Vein Health in Legs

Do you ever think about the strength of your veins and arteries? Most of us take our veins for granted, but if your veins aren’t strong, you can develop some serious medical conditions. What puts your veins at risk? Obesity puts extra pressure on...

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Varicose Veins and Pregnancy

Are varicose veins during pregnancy inevitable? No, but they’re fairly common. Many women who have never had varicose veins develop them during pregnancy, and women who already had them may find that they get worse. You’re more likely to get them if they run...

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The Stages of Vein Disease and When to Act

If you had vein disease, would you know it? Often, people ignore the warning signs. In fact, millions of Americans don’t seek treatment for vein disease until complications arise. Early treatment for vein disease, however, will prevent it from worsening over time. Knowing how...

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Arizona Vein and Laser Staff


Maintaining Our Wholeness As Physicians In The Age Of Covid-19 The Importance of Balancing the care of patients and our own vulnerabilities as physicians As physicians here at Arizona Vein & Laser Institute, we routinely encounter demands and challenges that can be overwhelming.  Such...

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