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Is PAIN normal with AGE? NOT AT ALL!

If you are thinking that Low Energy and Body Pain is ‘Normal’ with Age – you are wrong.  How often do you set personal goals? The chances are it’s far more often than you realize, whether it’s updating your to-do lists, spending less time on your phone or laptop, or just making it through another zoom meeting.

Poor health and self-care choices are suddenly in control of many areas of your life. It’s time to stop justifying low energy and consistent body aches on the aging process.

Ask yourself how often do you make the connection between your health and the goals you’ve set for yourself?  Declining health and vitality can rob you of precious energy that you need to achieve your personal or professional goals. Without making a conscious effort to take care of your mind and body, it’s easy to become used to living with aches and pains.

Bottom line is – It’s good to be goal oriented and busy – however you can’t be too busy and brush aside any kind of pain you are feeling!

As we get older, we may come across more and more ailments, including vein disease. Although some of them may simply cause cosmetic deficiencies, others may be a sign of more serious health problems. A common ailment of the vein is venous insufficiency.

Venous insufficiency is a term used to describe when your veins are having trouble carrying blood back from your body to your heart. Although it occurs in all of the limbs of the body, venous insufficiency happens prominently in the legs because gravity causes blood to pool in the legs which makes it unable to flow back to the heart.

If you are feeling pain in your legs, heaviness and are experiencing difficulty walking, you may be feeling signs on not just aging, but a deeper vascular blood flow issue.  We recommend that you visit with one of our Vascular Specialist and get to the root of your symptoms.

With the proper diagnosis and treatments, you’ll be able to perform at a high level professionally, enjoy activities with your family, and have energy left over for those unfinished projects. Discover how your life, mind, and body can change with the proper care here at Arizona Vein & Laser Institute. 

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