Vein Screening Procedure

What is a Venous Vein Screening Ultrasound?

Purpose for Vein Screening Procedure

The purpose of vein screening is to evaluate a patient’s legs to determine if the patient has either spider or varicose veins.From this procedure the Doctor will be able to recommend the best treatment option(s). Dr. Sharma’s best practices is also to test for all underlying causes of varicose veins to screen for vein disease. In addition, a screening will consist of your medical history such as medications, family medical history and occupation.

Safe Venous Vein Screening Procedure

After the Doctor is finished with numbing a small area on your leg, a catheter or sheath is inserted into the vein that is most likely needing treatment. An experienced Doctor or Technician inserts a laser fiber or a radiofrequency catheter in the affected vein and passes along the vein which is guided by ultrasound. This procedure will help determine what kind of treatment is needed for the patient.  The laser fiber or radiofrequency catheter is slowly removed and from there the vein is heated and closed safely.

When do I make an Ultrasound Appointment?

If you are feeling these symptoms you may benefit from a vein screening:

These could include:
• Aching pain
• The feeling of having full or heavy legs
• Throbbing
• Cramps
• Swelling
• Itching of skin of lower legs or over obvious varicose or spider veins
• Skin discoloration

If you or a loved one are experiencing two or more of these symptoms, it’s important to make an appointment with one of our doctors.

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