Dr. Kulbhushan K. Sharma, MD, FACS, RVT

Vascular Surgeon

Glendale & Surprise Offices

From 1996-2005 Dr. Sharma worked at major valley hospitals as a well regarded general and vascular surgeon. He performed major vascular surgeries including aneurysms of the major arteries, aretheroclosis, and blockage of lower extremities. He treats these conditions with stents and bypasses of the lower extremities. After becoming medical director of Arizona Vein and Laser Institute in 2005, Dr. Sharma has performed over 10,000 endovenous laser ablations for the treatment of varicose veins with great success. He routinely offers expert advice on Venous Disease on “Sonoran Living” and “Your Life A to Z”.

Dr. Sharma was nominated as the top vascular surgeon by the Consumer Research Council of America three times in a row. Dr. Sharma takes pride in the fact that he was one of the few vascular surgeons who were trained by the world famous cardiothoracic surgeons, Dr. Edward Diethrich, in endovascular procedure in 1995.


Dr. Sharma obtained his MD Degree from a prestigious institution in India. He received his Masters in Surgery from Patna Medical University after completing his MD/MBBS Degree at Gaya Medical College.


Dr. Sharma completed residency in General Surgery from Bronx Lebanon Medical Center in Bronx, NY affiliated to Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1994. After completing his residency he proceeded to the State of Arizona to do his fellowship in vascular and endovascular surgery at Arizona Heart Institute under the world of renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Edward Dietrich in 1995. After completing his vascular fellowship Dr. Sharma worked as one of the top vascular and general surgery in several valley hospitals. He performed major vascular surgeries in all these hospitals. He treated patients with aneurysms and claudifications in the lower extremities. He performed carotid stents and surgeries for aneurysms in the carotid arteries. He also performed several abdominal aorta aneurysms AAA surgeries; several bypass procedures in the legs to increase the blood flow due to claudication or atherosclerosis. He also performed several vein stripping procedures on patients with varicose vein symptoms. Dr. Sharma is the founder and medical director of the Arizona Vein and Laser Institute since 2005 where he has been treating patients with venous disorders and has performed over 10,000 endogenous laser ablations with great results. Dr. Sharma was nominated three times in a row in 2010, 2011 and 2012 as the top vascular surgeon of America by consumer research council of America. He has memberships in American College of Phlebology, Fellow of American College of Surgeons, Vascular Society of Dr. Edward Dietrich. Today, Dr. Sharma Is the original Founder and Medical Director of the Arizona Vein and Laser Institute, which he established in 2005. The Arizona Vein and Laser Institute began with its first location in Glendale, Arizona and has since grown to six locations: Glendale, Avondale, Surprise, Chandler, Phoenix and our very newest Scottsdale location.



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