I had called your office on a Monday morning to see if I could be fit in for an appointment as soon as possible because of a complication I had over the weekend. Being a new patient and never being seen at your office before it didn’t matter because the woman who answered was not only kind, friendly and sympathetic of my situation, but she was able to fit me in that very same afternoon. I have to say how incredibly impressed I was with the entire staff at this office but even more so with Dr. Sharma and Dr. Hecht. Their bedside manners are second to none. Thank you!

– Scott S.

My name is Sharie M. I came to see Dr. Sharma because a friend (who is a nurse) told me I should come and see him about my vein in my legs. I was I was having heaviness and discomfort in my legs and would have to elevate my legs a couple of times a day so that the discomfort and pain would ease. Dr. Sharma is a wonderful, compassionate, person. He also has a very caring and friendly staff. After Dr. Sharma treated my veins (he located five veins) my legs are feeling much better. I can be on my feet much longer period of times and don’t have all that pain anymore. I can’t thank him enough — just love him.

– Sharie M.

I have had two treatments with AZ Vein and Laser Institute and I am so pleased with the results of the treatments. I feel 95% better already with only one more treatment to go. The office staff are professional and very nice. Dr. Sharma is very thorough and explained everything step by step. I am very pleased with everything, I would definitely recommend anyone with vein problems or leg pains to come to this clinic.

– Melissa G.



I am a 74 year old female who had been bothered for many years with varicose veins, cramps in my legs, heaviness in both legs constantly and knowing that I wanted to feel better and not be troubled by my legs feeling sore and ugly with veins protruding and painful all the time. I happened to see Dr. Sharma on a TV show talking about vein surgery (laser) and how he was able to help those who had situations like mine was, so I took the information and called to see what I could do about mine. I felt he had extremely great credentials and wanted to make an appointment to check out what he could do for me. I finally started last year getting my legs better. I got back to being me and becoming better able to now walk 2-3 times a week, 2 miles each time with absolutely no problems and I feel great. I have even recommended him to several others.

– Dorothy

Thank you Dr. Sharma and your staff. I was in a lot of pain. My legs cramped at night and often would swell. I would suffer with achy legs when I would get up to walk. My daughter suggested I see Dr. Sharma for an evaluation. Sure enough, I had several veins that were failing to perform correctly which was causing all of my problems! I had those veins treated by Dr. Sharma. He is wonderful! Gentle, caring and very knowledgeable. His staff is also caring and helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

– Loraine

I am so happy that I had the vein treatments done on my legs. It has helped me so much, and I can walk further now after the treatments. Thank you Dr. Payne.

– Susan S.

My name is Romelia R., I started my treatment with Dr. Sharma and now I feel much better my legs have lots of improvements and I feel great. Dr. Sharma and his office staff made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend other people to him.

– Romelia R.

I had a very positive experience at AZ Vein and Laser. Every single person I encountered from the front desk staff to the ultrasound technicians. They were always friendly and professional. I appreciated that the office would work with me to schedule or reschedule appointments with my work schedule. I immediately noticed a difference in my legs. No more night cramps or swelling. I feel so relieved. I can not say enough about Dr. Sharma. He is so kind and gentle. Throughout the laser procedure he would reassure me and let me know what he was doing. He definitely made me feel comfortable.

– Jessica

To Doctor Sharma: Following the trouble with a varicose vein in my leg and ankle, I sought your help. From my first visit to the Office, you and your staff made me feel welcome and reassured. The procedure and treatment options were clearly explained to me, following an Ultra Sound and your examination of my leg, in the most professional manner. The Office Staff were extremely helpful scheduling the procedures at times to suit me. They have always been cheerful and welcoming when I came to an appointment. This also applies to Jimmy who reads the Ultra Sound and your nurse. I am absolutely thrilled to be free from vein problems now, thanks to your treatment of me. To anyone who wants to be rid of aching legs and vein problems, I would like to recommend Dr. Sharma. This was not the ordeal I expected and the treatment was pain free Now I am able to carry on a hectic lifestyle without any discomfort. Thank you Dr. Sharma so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Jennifer P.

I just want to thank Dr. Sharma and his entire staff. It was indeed the best experience I ever had with any Doctor office. The entire staff were warm while being professional. I had noticed in the wall while waiting to be called an impressive certificate of honor for Dr. Sharma for being the best vascular surgeon perhaps in the entire country. Beginning with the office very clean and organized, the front desk were really attentive and friendly, they were nothing but professional. They were very helpful with all the initial paper works. They called my insurance company and delivered the big news to me that they are going to cover indeed most of the bills. Inside the office I encountered medical staff very well trained, very informed, friendly and the medical care was outstanding. Dr. Sharma along with all the nurses were thorough and very serious. They were kind and patient centered, they gave me a clear explanation of what procedures and follow-up. I am about to recommend this office to anyone who expresses an interest Thank you Dr. Sharma and staff for making my visit the best I ever had with physician.

– Nadeana

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