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In the United States alone, more than 70 million people will suffer from a venous disorder at some point in their life. For some time in the beginning stages, you may not even be aware of the condition. If you are experiencing symptoms such as swollen, twisted veins, restless legs, cramps, or swollen ankles, it is likely a sign that the disorder has progressed.

These conditions are caused by a malfunction in the one-way valves located in your veins, which help to keep your blood flowing in the right direction. When the valves are not functioning as intended, your blood can end up flowing backwards, pooling in the branches of your veins. This is most commonly known as venous insufficiency, and is what causes varicose veins, as well as spider veins in some cases.

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We offer a variety of Phoenix vein and vascular treatments, including:

  • Vascular Ultrasound: We use state-of-the-art vascular ultrasound technology to get a detailed picture of our patients’ circulatory systems so we can accurately pinpoint blood clots, blockages, and any other causes of general symptoms, such as swelling.
  • Vascular Surgery: If it is determined that vascular surgery is necessary, our experienced team can perform it as an outpatient procedure in our Chandler or Surprise locations for your convenience.
  • Sclerotherapy: The procedure involves an injection of solution (typically saline) into the vein. The solution causes the blood vessel to clot and stick together, which eventually prompts the clotted vessel to turn into scar tissue and fade away naturally.
  • Phlebectomy Procedure: Also known as vein stripping, can have many benefits to both your appearance and circulatory function, and can effectively eliminate veins that have remained unresponsive to other methods of treatment.
  • Varicose Vein Treatment: There are a wide variety of symptoms you may experience with varicose veins, including swelling, pain, as well as the appearance of discoloration to your skin. Age and genetics are the two most common causes of this condition.
  • EVLT Treatment: One of the treatments we highly recommend is Endovenous Laser Therapy (also known as EVLT) because it is minimally invasive, simple, safe, and incredibly effective. It typically takes less than one hour to complete.
  • Sclerotherapy Treatment: The standard treatment for small spider veins and varicose veins is called sclerotherapy. This procedure uses a special solution which is injected into the affected vein, allowing it to collapse and eventually absorb.


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