Vein FAQ’s

Vein Disorders Frequently Asked Questions

Very minimally invasive under local anesthesia.

Yes awake. The procedure does not hurt, most people do fine being awake.

Yes. In most cases you will need a series of treatments.

Most people feel the difference right away. They are able to start normal daily activities.

They normally ache when you stand or walk for long periods, night cramps, swelling and pain.

Right away or same day. Contact us today. We accept all major insurance.

You will undergo a venous ultrasound to check your veins which takes approx. 40 min to an hour.

The doctor will discuss a treatment plan for you for Sclerotherapy, EVLT, DVT, PAD Procedures. Contact us today.

No – all treatments are done under local anesthesia and you are completely awake during the procedure.

Absolutely – you may drive but resume normal activity slowly – most patients do not need pain medication.

In most cases it’s 2 days but in most cases you will be able to resume normal activity – as you can tolerate.